Code of Ethics

As an institution, NAPSA is founded on strong values that define how we conduct our business.  Our value system is about how we value and care for our members in our daily operations. This is a set of values which we have coined into an acronym iCARE.

The focus on Integrity can not be understated as every member of staff should do their best to do things that are not only legally but morally right. With this in mind, we have introduced the Tip-offs Anonymous Hotline service for all our employees and various stakeholders. This is to allow for the reporting of business practices which are impacting or have potential to impact negatively to our company’s operation and reputation in the market. The following are some of the issues that can be reported on:

  • Any wrongdoing (theft, fraud, falsifying of medical notes etc)
  • Theft of Authority time
  • Unauthorized divulgence of confidential Authority information, conflict of interest
  • Highly sensitive issues (sexual harassment, alcoholism etc)
  • Corruption

NAPSA recognises the need to maintain a good reputation in order to promote public confidence and Employer compliance. All stakeholders must be confident that the Authority Board, Directors and all members of Staff are not influenced in the performance of their duties by bribery, gifts, benefits and hospitality. For the Authority to prudently manage the Scheme and maximize return on investment for its members and for the public to be confident that it will do so, the employees of the Authority must be able to demonstrate that they cannot be improperly influenced in the performance of their duties by offers of gifts or other benefits or inducements. Generally, employees of the Authority should not receive gifts or benefits from other persons or companies, which could not be reciprocated.

  • No gifts comprising cash may be offered or accepted under any circumstances
  • Approved gifts and entertainment offered with a view to establishing and strengthening business relationships are acceptable. However, these should not be offered in order to induce some benefits or result.

In line with the above, all gifts offered or received should be done in a transparent manner without raising eyebrows

Although it is still important to use existing processes and communication channels within the Authority, the Tip-offs Anonymous Hotline provides an alternative confidential and anonymous facility to report unethical practises.

Through this partnership, Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous provides a solution that ensures employee and stakeholder privacy and protection when reporting unethical and inappropriate practices, via a selection of accessible communication channels.

The Tip-offs Anonymous Hotline is an independently operated and managed confidential disclosure service involving the professional services firm, Deloitte.

We encourage all our stakeholders to embrace our Authority principles and make use of the Tip-offs Anonymous Hotline, where appropriate.


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