NAPSA Engages UNZA Students in Dialogue on National Development Role.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, NAPSA hosted a crucial event at the University of Zambia (UNZA) aimed at educating students about its pivotal role in national development and its range of products and services.

The event signified a significant stride in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between NAPSA and the academic community, paving the way for future collaborations to contribute to Zambia’s continued development and prosperity.

The lecture, attended by enthusiastic students from UNZA, ZCAS, NRDC, and ICU, delved into NAPSA’s mandate, contributions to national development, and member services. Prior to the lecture, NAPSA’s Director General, Muyangwa Muyangwa along with the University’s Dean of Students from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Professor Jacob Malungo, paid a courtesy visit to the UNZA Vice Chancellor, Professor Mundia Muya exploring potential collaboration avenues.

During the lecture, NAPSA provided insights into its inception, guiding laws, and investment principles, highlighting its impressive investment portfolio totaling K73.7 billion, approximately 11% of the national GDP, with a significant portion invested in government securities.

This strategic investment not only ensures financial liquidity for the Zambian government but also supports national budget funding and the delivery of essential social services.

After the informative session, students engaged in a Question-and-Answer session covering diverse topics, including the economic impact of NAPSA’s pre-retirement benefits introduced in April 2023.

The public lecture facilitated fruitful dialogue and knowledge exchange between NAPSA and Zambia’s future leaders, emphasizing NAPSA’s commitment to partnering with educational institutions like UNZA to empower young minds for effective professional and financial planning.

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