NAPSA’s Inaugural Stakeholders Forum: Fostering Collaboration and Vision Alignment

The National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) achieved a significant milestone with the successful hosting of its first-ever Stakeholders Forum, serving as a pivotal platform for fostering open dialogue and aligning visions among NAPSA members and a diverse range of stakeholders.

The prestigious Mulungushi International Conference Centre played host to this remarkable gathering, bringing together NAPSA members, government officials, financial experts, and representatives from the business community. The primary objective of the forum was crystal clear: to deepen understanding surrounding NAPSA’s mission and create a space for meaningful interaction among key stakeholders.

The forum provided a unique and invaluable opportunity for stakeholders to share insights, exchange ideas, and directly engage with NAPSA’s senior management, including the Director General. Attendees had the chance to seek clarity and pose questions directly, fostering a direct and transparent exchange of information.

The success of this inaugural forum stands as a benchmark for future engagements, underscoring the critical importance of collaboration and open communication within the pension industry. Looking ahead, NAPSA is committed to building upon this success, with a focus on further strengthening relationships with stakeholders.

The inaugural Stakeholders Forum serves as a testament to NAPSA’s unwavering dedication to transparency, inclusivity, and the pursuit of excellence in pension management.

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