Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF) Explores Customer Service Innovations through NAPSA

In pursuit of enhancing their customer service management, the Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF) embarked on a learning expedition by paying a visit to the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) on the 9th of August 2023. This collaborative exchange aimed to glean insights from NAPSA’s adept handling of customer interactions and service delivery.
With a resolute intention to elevate its customer service standards, PSPF’s delegation sought inspiration from NAPSA’s customer-centric approach. The visit centered on comprehending how NAPSA efficiently manages its diverse service touchpoints, as well as the innovative technologies deployed to navigate the surges in visitor traffic, especially during the initiation of the pre-retirement lump sum benefit.
NAPSA generously imparted its strategies and insights into optimal customer management. The institution has cultivated a specialized customer service unit dedicated to engaging members on a personalized basis. Alongside this, NAPSA operates a proficient contact center complete with a toll-free line and a dedicated team to attend to callers’ needs. This dual-pronged approach ensures that members receive the attention they deserve, aligning with NAPSA’s commitment to service excellence.
During this visit, it was also highlighted on the importance of distinguishing between the functions of customer service and corporate affairs within institutions. While each holds its distinct purpose, it was emphasized that they function in harmony, complementing each other to fortify the institution’s overall impact.
NAPSA further showcased its prowess in harnessing technology for enhanced member engagement. The delegation was apprised of various digital tools and platforms NAPSA employs to interact with and serve its members. A website chatbot takes center stage in providing instant assistance, while channels like WhatsApp and Facebook extend the institution’s reach even further. This technological synergy underscores NAPSA’s commitment to ensuring seamless, modern, and member-centric services.
During their visit, the delegation took the opportunity to pay a courtesy call to the Director General, Mr. Muyangwa Muyangwa, conveying their sincere appreciation for the invaluable insights they had garnered through the engagement.

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